Shenwan Hongyuan Securities (Hong Kong) Limited provide securities margin financing services, allowing customers to flexibly employ funds to grasp investment opportunities. Customers can take advantage of margin credit to participate in stocks trading without the need to deposit full amount, and therefore could result in a greater return.

Introduction to Margin Financing

We provide margin financing services to allow you to seize investment opportunities and to take advantage of flexible investment strategies that are not constrained by the principal available in your account.

Introduction to IPO Financing

IPO Margin Financing is a short term financing facility. We can lend out as much as 90% of the subscription amount of your application. Under the oversubscribed circumstance, it is not easy to allot the quantity as much as intended. With our IPO Margin Financing, you can subscribe the quantity ten times (maximum) as much as your available funds to increase allotted probability.

However, applicants with margin financing may have additional side effect risks*. We suggest you read the IPO prospectus carefully, and also please deeply understand the company background before making decision.

*Clients financing their applications through IPO financing are exposed to additional risks. Clients should ensure full understanding of the risks before committing to the IPO loan. Stock price of the issuer will be fluctuated according to market situations after listing and may be substantially below the IPO offer price. Besides, you may be allotted shares more than what you expect. The liquidation proceeds of the allotted shares may not be sufficient for repaying the outstanding IPO loan in full.