Shenwan Hongyuan (H.K.) Limited (“SWHYHK” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, Stock code: 00218.HK) is the flagship institution of Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co., Ltd. (the “Group Corporation”, Stock code: 06806.HK, 000166.SZ) conducting securities business in overseas through Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd. (the “Securities Company”). SWHYHK is one of the earliest Chinese securities institutions that developed business in Hong Kong and has been based in the Hong Kong market for more than 25 years. The Group has a strong shareholder background, with Central Huijin as the controlling shareholder of the Group Corporation.

The Group provides global investing and financing integrated financial services to institutional clients, corporate clients and individual clients in Hong Kong and the world. The Group's business scope covers personal finance, enterprise finance, institutional securities, asset management and securities research. The Group has offices in London, Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul, establishing the global trading as well as investing and financing services network gradually.

As an important platform for the international strategy of “Shenwan Hongyuan”, by virtue of the overall synergy of the Group Corporation, the Group will mobilize domestic and overseas resources to further expand cross-border business and continuously improve the integrated financial services capabilities. Seizing the development opportunities of “One Belt One Road” initiative and the construction of “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, the Group will give full play to the unique regional advantages of Hong Kong being an international financial center and backed by Mainland China. With a sound risk management and governance system as a guarantee, while strengthening the foundations of various business, the Group will adapt swiftly to changes in global market, expanding with innovation.