With one-stop securities trading service, multiple trading channels and comprehensive market information, you can capture investment opportunities with ease.

Hong Kong Equities

Shenwan Hongyuan Securities (Hong Kong) Limited offers a variety of Hong Kong stock trading services, including the stock market (the GEM market is included), the derivatives market, the fund market, and the bond market. Hong Kong main board market overview: According to the market concept, stocks can be divided into blue chip stocks, red chips stocks and state-owned stocks, according to the popular market.

China Connect

Through Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Hong Kong and foreign investors can trade certain stocks listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange ("SSE") and Shenzhen Stock Exchange ("SZSE") ("Northbound Trading") aiming to achieve a breakthrough in mutual market access between Mainland and Hong Kong, while Mainland investors may buy stocks listed in Hong Kong within the scope of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

Global Equities

Shenwan Hongyuan Securities (Hong Kong) Limited provides overseas stock markets online trading services, allowing clients to trade securities products, via one account, in 8 different markets, including U.S, UK, Australia, and Asian markets such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia, etc.

Margin Financing

Shenwan Hongyuan Securities (Hong Kong) Limited provide securities margin financing services, allowing clients to flexibly employ funds to grasp investment opportunities. Clients can take advantage of margin credit to participate in stocks trading without the need to deposit full amount, and therefore could result in a greater return.

IPO Subscription

Powered by the Stock Information on our website, you can always keep abreast of the latest IPO information to make timely investment decisions.

Stock Borrowing and Short Selling

Stock Borrowing & Lending allows investors to capture opportunities even if the market is going through a downward trend. Investor foresees the stock price will decline and borrow stock at target price with a loan interest and sell in the market. If the price dropped as predicted, investor can buy back that stock at a lower price and make profit with the price difference by deducting the trading and interest costs.

Stock Average Cost Computation Service

Average Cost Computation Service is now available on our online trading system client who wishes to subscribe this service.

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