Shenwan Hongyuan’s Corporate Finance Team provide a one-stop comprehensive set of financing solutions for our corporate clients including but not limited to IPO sponsorship, financial advisory services, equity capital market fundraising and underwriting, as well as debt capital markets offering a full suite of offshore bond-funding options.

We have established a dedicated professional corporate finance service team with members who have extensive project experience. We are determined to partner with our clients in their long term business growth, armed with industry-leading and professional capital markets solutions and strategic financial advisory services.

Corporate Finance Team also works very closely with the Structured Financing Team to meet the unique capital needs of our corporate clients and their major shareholders with bespoke solutions in balancing risks and returns specific to a situation. As Chinese enterprises are becoming more internationalized, Shenwan Hongyuan Capital (H.K.) Limited is best positioned to be the ideal corporate finance partner across various industry sectors.

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